Our Anniversary

Our Anniversary

Jumaat, 12 Disember 2014

Survival Essentials in Ward a.k.a Barang Keperluan utk menghilangkan keboringan

Sepanjang berada kat wad selama 1 bulan setengah dan still on-going ni... several things are essentials to make yourselves "at home" dan utk kill the time di hospital... :)

  1. Earphone/Headphone 
    • Berguna semasa boring2 time dgr ayat Quran, tgk movie, dgr youtube... supaya tak kacau katil sebelah...
    • Berguna semasa tido supaya dpt tido lena daripada "bunyi" jiran yang sedang menahan contraction, baby yang keresahan atau patients yg tido ngorok tahap gaban.. (Ngorok=berdengkur dalam jawa hihi)
  2. Quran
    • Ni lah masanya nak baca Quran.. kalau sebelum ni alasan keje-tak-sempat-baca-Quran, skang takde alasan dah ye.. huhu.. Tapi aku masa kat wad ni suka baca terjemahan Quran.. Best! macam baca buku cerita... Hopefully dapat khatam before kuar wad.. InsyaAllah..
  3. Buku/Bahan bacaan
    • Bawak la buku yg korang suke baca.. Skang suke baca buku pasal parenting sebagai persediaan... Fuh.. Rasa mcm byk sgt kene ubah cara hidup sebab nak ensure suasana pembesaran anak2 yg Islamik.. Main point adalah anak2 akan ikut apa yg ibu bapa tunjukkan.. Kalau ibu bapa solat, anak2 pon insyaAllah akan solat ... Kalau ibu bapa tak cakap kasar, anak2 pon akan mcm tu gak... Phew... it's time to reflect yourselves...
  4.  Handphone/Tablet/Laptop
    • Supaya boleh melayari internet dgn jayanya... hahahaha... Tapi hati2... barang2 ni pandai2 la sorok ye.. Hospital tak jamin keselematan barang2 ni.. hihihi
  5. Stok Makanan & Alatan
    • Buah, roti, vitamin, botol air kosong, tisu, tarmos (kalau hospital tak sediakan), pinggan, sudu, cawan bertutup (hospital byk kuman ye.. make sure jgn dedah2 cutlery tu) 
    • Good food will make you one happy patient!! :) 

Tu je kot setakat ni.. kalau ada lagi yg aku rasa perlu, akan ditambah di kemudian hari.. :)

Placenta Previa a.k.a Uri Kat Bawah

Sharing skit info pasal Placenta Previa bagi sesapa yg berminat nak tau....

Source: http://brochures.mater.org.au/Home/Brochures/Mater-Private-Hospital-Redland/Antepartum-Haemorrhage

Saya dah turun pangkat.. last month Type 3.. skang Type 2 .. alhamdulillah... tapi still kene duk wad smp bersalin.. huhuhu..

Source: http://www.healthline.com/health/placenta-previa#Overview1

Part 1 of 8: Overview

Placenta Previa

The placenta develops in a woman’s uterus during pregnancy. This sac-like structure provides the developing baby with food and oxygen. It also removes waste products from the baby’s blood. The placenta is also referred to as “afterbirth,” for it exits the body after the baby is born.
During pregnancy, the placenta moves as the uterus stretches and grows. It is very normal for the placenta to be low in the uterus in early pregnancy. But as the pregnancy continues, the placenta typically moves to the top of the uterus. By the third trimester, the placenta should be near the top of the womb, so the cervix has a clear path for delivery. If the placenta attaches to the lower part of the uterus, it can cover part or all of the cervix (the entrance to the womb). When the placenta covers part or all of the cervix during the last months of pregnancy, this is a condition known as placenta previa, or low-lying placenta. This condition can cause severe bleeding before or during labor.
There are four types of placenta previa, ranging from minor to major (in which the placenta is covering the entire opening of the cervix). Depending on the type, a woman with placenta previa may need to have a Cesarean (C-section) delivery. Most women with this condition will require bed rest.
Part 2 of 8: Symptoms

Symptoms Associated with Placenta Previa

The main symptom is sudden light to heavy bleeding from the vagina, but
if any of the symptoms below occur, you should seek immediate medical attention:
  • cramps
  • bleeding that starts, stops, and begins again days or weeks later
  • bleeding after intercourse
  • bleeding during the second half of pregnancy
Part 3 of 8: Risk Factors

Risk Factors for Developing Placenta Previa

Risk factors for the development of placenta previa include the following:
  • baby is in an unusual position: breech (buttocks first) or transverse (lying horizontally across the womb)
  • Previous surgeries that involve the uterus: C-section, surgery to remove uterine fibroids, Dilation and curettage (D&C)
  • pregnant with twins or other multiples
  • prior miscarriage
  • large placenta
  • abnormally shaped uterus
  • have already had one child
  • prior diagnosis of placenta previa
  • older than 35
  • Asian
  • smoker
Part 4 of 8: Diagnosis

How Is Placenta Previa Diagnosed?

Usually the first signs of placenta previa will show up during the routine 20-week ultrasound scan. These initial signs are not necessarily a cause for worry, since the placenta is often lower in the uterus during the early part of a woman’s pregnancy.
The placenta usually corrects itself. In fact, only 10 percent of cases will go on to develop into full placenta previa (RCOG).
If you experience any bleeding in the second half of your pregnancy, doctors will monitor the position of the placenta using one of the following preferred methods:
  • transvaginal ultrasounds, in which the probe is placed inside the vagina to provide an inside view of your vaginal canal and cervix. This is the preferred and most accurate method for determining placenta previa.
  • Transabdominal ultrasound
  • MRI (magnetic resource imaging), which will help to clearly determine the placenta’s location
Part 5 of 8: Types

Types of Placenta Previa

There are four types of placenta previa. Each will have its own effect on whether a mother can have a normal delivery or whether she will need a C-section. Treatment for placenta previa will also be based on which type you have.

Partial (Type 1)

The placenta only partially covers the opening of the cervix. Vaginal birth is still possible.

Low-Lying (Type 2)

This type begins in early to mid pregnancy. Placenta is positioned at the edge of the cervix, and there is a good chance you will be able to have a vaginal delivery.

Marginal (Type 3)

In this type, the placenta begins to grow at the bottom of the uterus. The placenta will normally push against the cervix but not cover it. Since the border of the placenta is touching the internal opening of the cervix, any overlap during labor could cause minor bleeding. However, vaginal births are normally safe.

Major or Complete (Type 4)

This is the most serious type. In this type, the placenta will eventually cover the entire cervix. C-sections are usually recommended, and in severe cases, the baby may have to be delivered prematurely.
With all types, heavy or uncontrollable bleeding may necessitate an emergency C-section to protect you and your baby.

Part 6 of 8: Treatment

Treatment of Placenta Previa

Doctors will decide how to treat your placenta previa based on the amount of bleeding, the month of your pregnancy, the baby’s health, and the position of the placenta and the baby. The amount of bleeding, however, is the main consideration when a doctor is making a decision on how to treat the condition.

Minimal to No Bleeding:

For cases of placenta previa with minimal or no bleeding, your doctor will likely suggest bed rest, which means resting in bed as much as possible—only standing and sitting when absolutely necessary. You’ll also be asked to avoid sex and likely exercise as well. If bleeding occurs during this time, you should seek medical care as soon as possible.

Heavy Bleeding:

Cases of heavy bleeding may require hospital bed rest. Depending on the amount of blood lost, you may need blood transfusions. You may also need to take medicine to prevent premature labor.
In the case of heavy bleeding, your doctor will advise a C-section be scheduled as soon as it is safe to deliver—preferably after 36 weeks. If the C-section needs to be scheduled sooner, your baby may be given corticosteroid injections to speed up his or her lung growth.

Uncontrollable Bleeding

In the case of uncontrolled bleeding, an emergency C-section will have to be performed.
Part 7 of 8: Complications

Complications of Placenta Previa

During labor, the cervix will open to allow the baby to move into the vaginal canal for birth. If the placenta is in front of the cervix, it will begin to separate as the cervix opens causing internal bleeding. This can necessitate an emergency C-section, even if the baby is premature, as the mother could bleed to death if no action is taken. Vaginal birth also poses too many risks for the mother, who could experience severe hemorrhaging during labor, delivery, or after the first few hours of delivery.
Part 8 of 8: Coping and Support

Coping and Support for Expectant Mothers

A placenta previa diagnosis can cast a pall over your pregnancy. The Mayo Clinic provides some ideas for how to cope with your condition and how to prepare yourself for delivery:
  • Get educated: The more you know, the more you will know what to expect. Get in contact with other women who have been through placenta previa births.
  • Be prepared for your C-section: Depending on the type of your placenta previa, you might not be able to have a vaginal birth. It is good to remember the ultimate goal—the health of you and your baby.
  • Enjoy bed rest: If you are active, bed rest can feel a bit confining. However, use the time wisely by catching up on small projects like putting together a photo album or writing letters, resting up, and reading about your upcoming lifestyle change.
  • Pamper yourself: Indulge in small pleasures. Buy a new pair of comfortable pajamas, read a good book, or watch your favorite TV program. Keep a gratitude journal. Rely on your circle of friends and family for conversation and support (Mayo).

Jumaat, 21 November 2014

Dugaan belum berakhir....

Salam semua..

Perjalanan pregnancy utk setiap wanita memang berlainan. 5 bulan pertama kehamilan, takde alahan sgt.. Muntah2 pon takde sgt... Lepas je 5 bulan, dugaan mula datang... I've started to have vaginal bleeding... Start masa raya aidilfitri... Dekat seminggu bleeding but on and off. Plan nak jalan2 blk kg cancel terus. Adik advise kene bed rest je dulu dan takleh wat keje berat. So, raya tu aku jadi mem beso dlm umah... Mkn tido saje... Hehehe... Lps raya baru pegi jumpe doktor kat klinik. Nurse marah sbb lambat jumpa doktor. Padahal, doktor chill je... Huhu

Ingatkan time tu je bleeding... Bulan depan tu bleeding lg sekali... Kali ni terus menyerah diri ke hospital dan terus kene warded. 3 hari gak la duk spital. Doc kata sbb low lying placenta=uri kat bawah... Tapi takde rawatan yg bley cure bleeding tu.. Hanya boleh bed rest dan minimize movement dan tunggu smp bleeding stop... Doc siap ckp kalau bleeding teruk, dia akan selamatkan ibu.. Not baby.. Sebab time tu baru 23 weeks so baby belum matang. Kalau lahir pon chances utk survive di luar tu amat tipis... Sedey gile dgr doc ckp mcm tu... Rasa mcm kenapalah dugaan tak abis2 lagi.... Masa tu dah emo balik... Hilang punca sekejap... tapi Allah tu Maha Penyayang... Lepas 3 hari bleeding stop.

Then, start la keje balik... First day keje dah ckp siap2 dgn bos takleh travel jauh2... Light duty only... Tp still have to attend meeting and discussion... Which means i need to move and walk a lot... Nak pegi solat and toilet pon kene jln... Ditambah dgn beban keje lepas almost seminggu tak masuk opis... Ditakdirkan Allah, ptg tu lepas balik keje bleeding balik .... Stress dan sedey gila... Terus menyerah diri kat hospital dan warded smp 4 hari... Alhamdulillah bleeding tak makin teruk...

Masa duk spital tu, start la pikir macam2... Kenapa ujian Allah tu tak stop lagi? Aku ada buat salah ke? Argghhhhhh.... Stresss... Mase tu setan mmg suka la cucuk2 mcm sbb tgh vulnerable sgt...

Smp satu ketika, istighfar dan chill sekejap. Mesti ada hikmah atas apa yg terjadi. Maybe ape yg kita igt baik utk kita, sebenarnya tak baik utk kita... Ckp balik dgn diri sendiri.... Jgn buruk sangka dgn Allah...

Then, lps keluar wad terus msg bos inform nak cuti sebulan utk bed rest. Alhamdulillah... Bos memahami dan approve cuti... So bermulalah episod bed rest di rumah... Walaupon bed rest kt umah, bleeding still ada on and off. Kadang2 heavy flow... Kadang2 spotting shj...

Smp kandungan 28 weeks, pegi balik spital utk scan uri dan baby. Resultnya: confirm placenta previa type 2. Uri kat bawah dan almost tutup jln or tutup servik.. Ditambah pulak dgn bleeding yg masih on-going... Terus kene admit wad sampaila ke hari ini... Huhuhu

So, disinilah rumah no 2 sehingga hari bersalin... Kemungkinan besar kene caesar... Huhu... Takpelah as long baby kuar sihat dan kuat....

Duk wad ni pon byk pancaroba nye... To be continued... :)

Selasa, 18 November 2014

Chapter 4: Conclusion of my journey to pregnancy

Kesimpulannya, aktiviti kat bawah ni di buat secara konsisten dalam masa 5 bulan sebelum disahkan pregnant pada bulan April 2014. 4 tahun lepas, ada gak buat aktiviti kat bawah ni tapi tak konsisten. Mungkin boleh jadi aktiviti sebagai asbab utk pregnant atau mungkin tak menyumbang langsung. Mungkin kebetulan... Apapon, semua atas kuasa Allah. Kita hanya boleh berusaha... Allah je yg tau bila masa terbaik utk makbulkan doa kite. Kadang2 ape yg kite mintak tu tak baik utk kita pada masa kite mintak tu. Selalu terpikir, andai kate aku pregnant time BP tinggi aritu, mesti byk komplikasi during pregnancy mcm darah tinggi. Darah tinggi boleh effect kandungan dan mungkin boleh menyebabkan keguguran.

Jangan buruk sangka dgn Allah. Aku paham.. at 1 stage kita akan selalu tertanya... apa salah kite? apa lg yg kite effort yg kite nak kene buat? kenapa doa kite tak terjawab? Aku rasa bile kite dah smp stage tu, kite kene letak diri kita dlm satu mode redha dimana kita accept apa yg ada sekarang. Kita renung balik diri kita... berapa byk nikmat Allah bagi kat kita... Nikmat ada suami, nikmat ada keje, nikmat boleh makan, nikmat boleh bernafas... etc. Kita try compare  dgn org yg kurang bernasib baik dari kita baru kita rasa syukur sgt2 dgn apa yg kita ada. I've been there and done that... 5 bulan sebelum pregnant tu, aku berada dlm redha state... Divert attention daripada TTC kepada nak jage kesihatan dan kuruskan badan..di samping repair hubungan dgn Allah...

OK. So aktivitinya adalah:

1. Urut bulan Jan 2014 dengan Mak Yong. (1 time only)

2. Jaga Pemakanan seimbang. Makan makanan yg natural dan cuba elakkan processed food.

3. Eksesais regularly. Di samping utk menjaga kesihatan, Eksesais boleh mengeluarkan hormon gembira daripada badan. Ni yg menyebabkan stress berkurangan.

4. Tingkatkan ibadah utk dekatkan diri dgn Allah. Ini pon boleh mengurangkan stress.

5. Divert atttention hidup. Cari aktiviti baru dgn suami. Explore benda2 yg korang tak penah buat lagi.

Lepas ni, soalan cepumas akan bertukar menjadi "Bila nak tambah lagi?".. huhu... mulut orang takkan  boleh tutup.. and not within our control... jawab jela jawapan text book "Belum rezeki lagi" dan senyum dan tgk henpon layan wasap/utube hihihi

Chapter 3: The Spiritual Journey

Sambung lagi....

Apalah gunanya fizikal yg kuat kalau tak diiringi dgn rohani yg kuat ,,,, ewah... mukadimah baek punya... hahaha

OK. I have to admit yg selama ni kalau bab ibadah agak yo-yo skit,, buat skit tapi tak konsisten.... I have to thank a dear friend of mine di opis, Ainon (bukan nama sebenor) kerana byk share ilmu dan amalan yg dia buat utk dekat kan diri dgn Allah.

1. Solat Dhuha

I think ibadah yg plg terkesan sekali dan effect nya adalah sgt hebat adalah solat Dhuha. 2 rakaat yg simple tapi subhanallah... byk sgt perbezaan sebelum dan selepas yg boleh rasa. Naik gred+gaji naik+dpt miracle :)

It started dgn ikut2 kawan... sampaila walopon kawan tu dah takde, still lagi buat sbb once tak buat, rasa gelisah je... mcm ade bende tak cukup. kadang2 terbabas gak dek kesibukan keje... tp try balik buat esoknye...

Lepas solat Dhuha tu, doala yg mcm lagu UNIC nyanyi tu.. takpon mintak jela pape.. op kos la kite mintak nak miracle yg satu tu kan,,. disamping mintak murahkan rezeki..etc...hihihi..

2. Sedekah

Time ni byk gile kasi sedekah... tak kira dlm bentuk duit, makanan, tenaga.... kpd sesiapa sahaja yg memerlukan... Especially time bulan pose.. suke sgt banje org buka posa... sbb dpt pahale org yg berbuka pastu org yg kite blanje tu selalu doakan supaye kite murah rezeki... hihihi *nampak tak permainan di situ?* hehe.. still ikhlas ok.. tak mengharap balasan... cuma kalau dorang doakan kite, alhamdulillah.... :)

3. Doa

Berdoalah time2 mustajab... contohnya sebelum buka posa, penghujung Asar hari jumaat, semasa bermusafir, semasa hari hujan... Time lain pon boleh juga... tapi time mustajab ni tingkatkan kuantiti doa... NAk doa Nabi Zakaria ke.. doa sendiri pon boleh... aku prefer doa sendiri yg spesifik. Contoh: Nak anak soleh/solehah yg sihat... bukan setakat mintak nak anak je...

Pastu, doakan jugak utk org lain... Doa utk org lain secara sembunyi tu insyAllah Allah akan makbulkan bersama dgn doa org yg berdoa tu... so jgn doa secara selfish ye.. igt gak kat org lain tak kira keluarga, kawan, etc..


3 amalan atas tu amalan konsisten... Amalan lain mcm solat hajat, tahajud, witir, tasbih... pon buat gak cuma tak berapa konsisten...

OK. Next chapter adalah penutup dan kesimpulan...

Tungguuuuuu.... :)

Isnin, 17 November 2014

Chapter 2: The Fitness Regime


Back to business... :) sambung cite pasal eksesais pulak...

Sambil control makan, sambil bereksesais... bak kata Kevin Zahri:

Calories In<Calories Out = Calories Deficit
Kemasukan kalori<Bakar kalori = Pengurangan Kalori = Lemak Jahat terbako = Berat turun

Untuk permulaan, trainer ajar basic eksesais movement: Squat, Plank , Lunges, Push Up, Sit up.. Selama ni tau buat tapi ropenye salah teknik.. Susah la plak nak explain kat blog ni kan.. kene tunjuk... hihi... tapi ape yg salah adelah teknik yg salah tu fokus kepada otot yg salah.

Contoh: Push Up. Selama ni main belasah je turun naikkan badan guna tangan then bangga bile bley buat push up dgn laju,,, hahah,,, bajet terer la,., skali trainer tu tanye satu soalan je,,, masa buat push up tu sakit kat mana? aku dengan konpiden nye jawab... sakit kat tangan skit... Trainer tu lantas berkata,, kalau sakit kat tangan, salah teknik letew... hihihi...sepatutnye kene sakit kat otot di bahagian dada... Kenapa kita nak fokus kat bahagian dada? Sebab nye otot dada adalah antara otot yg besar dlm badan kite nih... jadi kita nak maximize pembakaran lemak dgn menggunakan otot yg plg besar la... kalau gune otot tgn shj boleh gak.. tp lambat la... Contoh analogi: Sedut cendol pakai straw kecik lagi laju or straw beso yg gemoks lagi cpt abis minum cendol????  jawab..jawab.. jgn tak jawab....

Otot memainkan peranan paling penting untuk pembakaran lemak... yg plg penting awal2 nak eksesais ni kite nak bina otot yg kuat... lg kuat otot, lg byk lemak jahat tebbako tebbabom... hehehe. So fokus eksesais trainer di awal2 session adalah strenght training rather than buat cardio training. Sebab kalau pulun cardio dulu tapi otot lemah, kite cpt penat.. pastu give up...

Apa beza strenght ngan cardio? strenght ni mcm angkat dumbell, push up, squat,,etc.. Cardio plak mcm berjalan, jogging, kayuh beskal... etc... so bile dah advance skit, kita akan buat HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) dimana kita akan combine strenght+cardio dalam satu sesi yg memang akan mengah tapi lemak yg terbako terbabom mmg akan sgt byk.... hahaha.... 10 min HIIT boleh bako lagi byk dari jogging 30 minit... tak tipew punnye...

Berbalik kpd jadual eksesais, kitorang akan bereksesais 4 hari seminggu selang sehari. Konsep bina otot ni takleh eksesais setiap hari. Sebab kita nak kasi otot rehat dan membeso dgn jayanya. Setiap kali kita eksesais, akan berlaku omputeh kata muscle tear. Setiap kali muscle tear ni nak bersambung balik,  muscle tu akan jadi lebey kuat di waktu kita rehat tu.. Itu le sebabnye kite takleh pulun 7 hari seminggu eksesais,,, nnt muscle tak rehat dan tak jadi lebih kuat... tak guno satu sen pon... hihihi...

So kitorang start regime ni dari bulan 11 2013. Sehingga bulan 4 2014, asben telah berjaya turn 30kg,,, aku lak berjaye turun 20 kg.. heehehehe.... Walopon belum mencapai berat ideal, bentuk fizikal tu dah berjaya nampak kurus...hihihi.. Bila dah fit, kitorang start try aktiviti sihat lain mcm road bike cycling dan jogging-konon-nak-marathon. hihihi... Rajin la lepak kat putrajaya malam2 jogging 5km ... time ni dah kurang skit gi gym sbb kitorang try buat aktiviti outdoor plak... boring gak asik naik trademill, basikal gym tu je kan... skali skale nak gak lari sambil hidup udara segar + cuci mata idokle hirup bau badan orang je kan dlm gym tu... huhuhuhu

Then, things started to change... hidup lebih hepi, stressless.. Masa ni tak pikir pasal anak dah... kitorang mmg fokus nak sehat je.. nak fit ... nak masuk marathon... nak masuk lumba beskal...

Then, bulan 4, the miracle happened... :)

Opps... tak abis cite lagi,,, ni baru physical journey.... belum masuk bab spiritual journey...

Sambung sat gi.... next chapter... malam ni gak... hihihi

Till then...in 5 min.. nak rehat jari sat....

Rabu, 12 November 2014

Chapter 1: The diet

Hello... Hello... (perggh..tajuk entry mcm nak buat filem... ahhaha)

Dah lama tak mengarang panjang2.. .rasanye hari ni mcm2 nak tulis... byk benda dlm kepala otak ni.. maklumla...setahun lebih punya update... huhuhu... Before aku nak elaborate more, i think i need to explain why i stopped blogging at the first place... 

1. Malas
2. Komitmen keje yg semakin bertambah. Dolu2 balik rumah or kat opis  rajin menghupdate blog... tapi dah tak sempat sebab balik opis dah penat terus tido.. masuk je opis, terus dah tak igt benda lain selain koje,,, mmg pekerja cemerlang sgggttttt... hahaha
3. Makin stress bila hupdate blog sbb takde perkembangan positif... asik negatif je... last2 makin stress tulis blog... Maybe sesetengah org tulis blog boleh release tension, tapi aku nih terbalik lak,.. so before things get worst, baik aku stop dan carik aktibiti lain yg boleh mengurangkan stress... huhuhu

Setelah berhenti dari menulis blog, aku start balik fokus kan objektif utk kuruskan badan tapi biasela... hot2 chicken shit saja... hahahha.... Until one day, aku check BP bersama asben masa raya haji 2013... Adik bawak balik BP set dia (she's a doctor) dgn tujuan nak check BP parents aku.. kitorang turut sama menyebok... Nyebok2 dpt tau BP kitorang tinggi gila... Mine was 160/100 and asben was 150/90 ... Terus sentap mak jemah!!! Adik bgtau... ni kalau check kat klinik ni konfem kene makan ubat dah... No..NO.. eden tak mau makan ubat!!! 

So... start dari detik itu, me and asben terus mendapat "hidayah" utk really..really.. serious menurunkan BP kitorang dan kuruskan badan. 2 hari lepas raya haji, kitorang terus subscribe gym dan personal trainer ... yes! that serious! Trainer pesan 1 minggu ni sila la melantak makan apa2 yg terhajat di hati sbb lps tu we olls akan menjalani strict diet... huhu.... So, minggu tu kitorang melantak makan semua jenis fastfood, nasik.. apa2 la yg berlemak dan berkrim-disukai-ramai... hahahah.

Next week, trainer bagi jadual makan dan pantang larang makan as following (pantang larang dicombine dgn pantang larang Kevin Zahri jugak):

Pantang makan:
- No goreng2/minyak
- No kambing/lembu.. bykkan protein dari ikan/ayam
- No durian/pisang/mangga sbb byk gula
- No air manis
- byk gile minum air masak. Kevin Zahri kate: smp air kencing tu dah tak kuning. tu tanda dah cukup la air
- Sayur yg terbaek adalah kekacang/brokoli
- Mkn bende2 yg meningkatkan metabolisme : pepper, brokoli, halia..etc .. bley google
- Kalau nak maniskan makanan, ganti dgn madu/kulit kayu manis/stevia
- Cafein bagus utk meningkatkan metabolisme (kopi, teh, black coklat) tapi non-sugar ye... hihi.. kalau tak mampu telan, start dgn kurang manis dulu..then bile dh biase dgn "ketawaran" air itu, terus jgn letak gula..

Cheat Eat (Makan sesuke hati... Suko la tu... ehhe)
- Bulan pertama : Cheat meal 1 hari (Maksudnye.. pilih la salah satu brekpes/lunch/dinner utk di cheat kan)
- Bulan ke-2 : Cheat meals 1 hari (Maksudnye... pilih 2 daripada brekpes/lunch/dinner utk di cheat kan)
- Bulan ke-3 : Cheat day 1 hari (seharian kome melantak la ape2 shj tak terlintas di hati)
- Bulan ke-4 & seterus nya: Cheat day 1 hari gak (seharian kome melantak la ape2 shj tak terlintas di hati)


- Telur 3 biji (1 full, 2 putih)
- 1 roti wholemeal
- 1 buah (epal/pair..etc)

Snek (in between)
- 1 buah (epal/pair..etc)

- 1 potong ayam (1/4) or 1 ikan (medium size)
- nasi segenggam
- sayur (2 cups/separuh pinggan) 
- Air masak 

Snek (in between)
- 1 buah (epal/pair..etc)

- 1 potong ayam (1/4) or 1 ikan (medium size)
- sayur (2 cups/separuh pinggan)
- Air masak

- 1 buah (epal/pair..etc) or
- 1 bowl/cup oatmeal (yg ni aku tak buat sbb tak lalu mkn oatmeal) or 
- 1 gelas susu low fat 

Extreme tak? hehe ... ok je tu... 2 minggu pertama memang sakit... tapi disebabkan kitorang kuat semangat.... alhamdulillah....berjaya mengharungi suka duka tahan nafsu makan bersama-sama... hahaha....

So next chapter cerita pasal workouts dan exercise plak...

Till then.....